Community Support

Aultman strives to improve our community by raising money for medical research, educating people on improving their health and donating food and personal-care items for people in need.

"Aware" Risk Assessments
In 2009, Aultman Health Foundation encouraged members of the community to take a proactive approach to their health. The online Health Assessment Center offered free risk assessments for heart disease (HeartAware), joint problems (JointAware), breast cancer (BreastAware) and sleep disorders (SleepAware).

Participants received customized reports based on the responses provided during the assessment. Those at high risk for health problems were invited for a personal consultation or group presentation with Aultman health professionals.

Wellness on Wheels (WOW) Van
The WOW mobile health-fair unit debuted in February 2009. Staffed by medical professionals, the WOW van visits schools, community centers, churches, senior centers and block parties to provide free screenings and health education. Screenings including blood pressure checks, height, weight and Body Mass Index/percentage of body fat are provided. The WOW van reached more than 12,500 people at nearly 150 locations in 2009.

Cancer Screening Day
The Eighth Annual Cancer Screening Day was held April 25, 2009 at Aultman Hospital. Nearly two dozen Aultman physicians, along with nurses and other health care professionals, volunteered their time for the event. Patients enjoyed the convenience of having a one-stop shop for breast, cervical, colon, lung, prostate and skin cancer screenings. Educational materials were also provided to help attendees learn about cancer risk factors and prevention. A total of 143 patients received 329 free screenings.

Safety First
In 2009, more than 400 Aultman employees visited 235 Stark County first-grade classes to teach bicycle safety. The safety lesson - which reached more than 5,000 students - included topics such as the importance of wearing a bike helmet and other safety gear; obeying traffic signs and signals; and using hand signals.

Aultman provided free bicycle helmets, and the Safety First volunteers personally fitted each student with a helmet. 

Doggone Grief 
To help children communicate their feelings of grief when someone special dies, Aultman Grief Services created the "Doggone Grief" board game. The game includes emotion cards - mad, sad, happy and scared - that shows dogs in various activities that reveal their grief emotions. Each card include a question to encourage kids to share their feelings. The Doggone Grief game is available on the Aultman Marketplace, at the Aultman Hospital Gift Shop or by calling Aultman Grief Services at 330-479-4835. Learn more about Doggone Grief